Goplus MIG 130 Welder

Goplus MIG 130 Welder

Goplus MIG 130 Welder


If you searching for a MIG welding machine with the choice of welding Flux wire, runs AC, and you would prefer not to spend more than a couple of hundred dollars. At the same time, you likewise need your machine to keep running off of most 110v outlets. In that case, you investigate the Goplus MIG 130 Welder. on the other hand, if you also require a MIG or transition programmed wire sustain welder that is little yet enough to satisfactory level duty cycle in your carport then this is maybe a solid match regardless of its size and other features. This is The Easiest to Handle and the best MIG Welder for Beginners because of its extraordinary features. This Goplus Flux Core Automatic Feed Mig Welding Machine is extraordinary compared to other MIG welders available for thin Metal Welding needs. This is also the Best Gasless Welder with the basic set-up and comprehensive of every necessary part to start welding, this machine is an awesome choice for learners and experienced welders alike! The Goplus Mig 130 was the first choice for welders to do this sort of welding work! The effortlessness of utilization and low value keeps it a top pick!

Now, let’s have discussed some features of this power MIG 130:

Long handle with other features:

As a solid welding machine and as a total bundle, the set contains a welding firearm, a welding wire, a Welding veil and a brush for your necessities. Individuals with little scale tasks can rely on this wonderful welder. The most effective features are that this MIG 130 with 12 creeps in its handle length, it is extremely adaptable and affirm for a welder. Its electrical switch is at 10 amps and its greatest open voltage is at 37 volts. The power string ranges at 72 1/2 crawl with the welding firearm traversing at 65 creeps with the rope. Evaluated for 110 volts at 60 Hz, the welding machine has a maximum yield current of 15 percent at 105 amps. With a maximum assimilated energy of 3.6 KVA, the primary wire is at 13 amps.

Adjustable heating option ensures the safety from electric wire burn:

The four adjustable heating option for this welder. Because of this awesome features. You will significantly encounter the many advantages and professionals of utilizing MIG welding process in your handcrafted ventures. The welding unit is entirely tried and true constantly for your auto welding and other steel welding ventures.

Versatile voltage system: 

The voltage is a measure of the potential contrast, in this manner, the higher the voltage, the higher the potential distinction. The potential contrast in basic terms is a measure of how intense the gadget is. This 110v MIG welder performs employments that generally involves a considerable measure of warming. Such a lot of warming requires huge levels of energy. This power can be measured utilizing the voltage readings given for the particular welder. This Goplus welder has a voltage use capabilities of 100V. This is a sufficiently major voltage for most residential and modern applications.

Built-in Circuit Breakers:

This Goplus MIG 130 Welder has another vital segment inside it which is an electrical switch. This electrical switch is a gadget which is available or ought to be available in most electrical gadgets for helping to control abundance current. Continuity of the power from the supply surges and goes over as far as possible. This can make harm gadgets associated with the power source. It is the reason for an electrical switch to keep this event, and this gadget makes them guarantee of wellbeing while being used.


This one of the most reasonable welders in the cheap welders market, investment funds are dependably a lovely element, and this Goplus welder offers sufficient reserve funds! The sticker price made it a simple purchase for you, and we assure that, after buying this cheap MIG welder you fell so glad to start your work with this machine, it influenced welding to appear to be simple!

Ensure Long Cord facility:

This flux core wire welder utilizes mains control. This implies it must have a line to associate it with a lower source. So, you have needed a suitable length cord to connect properly, otherwise, it hampers your welding performance.  It is vital that the cable ought to be sufficiently long to oblige most occupations, and have the capacity to move around your space of operation, be it your home or workshop without tangling or extending excessively. This welder has a string length of twelve and a half inches. It is sufficiently long yet not very long as to be a bother.

The advantage of this best MIG welder for the money:

Projects owner has always straightforward requirements can be benefited by this power MIG 130 and it is effective for a ton of their activities and so forth, for example, tables, drawers and substantially more. You can likewise utilize it for repairing little things that require negligible welding. On the other hand, the main thing that may trouble you is that it is, obviously, not on a par with the huge toys for the enormous scale extends out there. Its pressure screw is additionally not as customizable as the greater welders out there, however, this is the thing that you get at an insignificant cost, at any rate. In this context, you simply need a conventional welder that works then these cons are not major issues by any means. Every unit comes with lots of extra parts:  This Goplus® Welding Machine accompanies all that you have to begin your little DIY or upkeep welding venture, including machine, weapon, wire, rush, and a free cover! we particularly preferred the included security hardware as a fresh out of the box new welder.

Incredible Value: cheap MIG welder sticker price can't be beaten and additional features that incorporate brilliant temperature settings and free wellbeing gear, the general estimation of this welder settles on it a simple decision! Regardless experts welders utilize this welder notwithstanding having moved up to high limit machines.


All Electric: As a beginner welder, this was an insignificant drawback. By analyzing its customer reviews we can say that this is really this is a downside. In spite of the fact that the value more than compensates for the absence of that choice. 

No Warranty: The greatest disadvantage of this welder is that there is no guarantee to go down the cases. The nature of the plan is demonstrated with the principal utilize, in any case! Besides, with a value this way, who are stressed about the warranty?! 


Q: what is the welding capabilities of this welder? note: I'm searching for something for speedy occupations that I can bring with me from employment to work.

Answer: Weighing just 35 lbs, this welder is among the lightest available. This makes it simple to transport and was anything but difficult to utilize!

Q: What is the most extreme yield of current by the best Gasless Welder?

Answer: This figure usually totals to 15% of 105 amps.

Q: What is the extent of the free veil given? 

Answer: The veil has measurements of 7.87 by 9.5 inches.


This gadget is a standout amongst flux core wire flux core wire in the market. It is adequately prepared to have the capacity to deal with most sorts of welding occupations and with the frill included it is the ideal friend for any welder. It will give great working be it at the residential level for those like me who get a kick out of the chance to get things done individually, of at mechanical level where a more expert standpoint is required. When you went to search for a quality MIG welder at an incredible value, the Goplus MIG 130 Welder Machine positions number one! The free veil is simply what tops off an already good thing for this reduced and effectively convenient welder. The comprehensive to a great degree of reasonable Goplus MIG Welder has filled its need flawlessly in my DIY employments around the house and remains on my rundown of best MIG welders! I prescribe this machine for anybody requiring a little welder!