Lincoln EasyMIG 180

When people think about a welder, what he or she finds out to buy a welder. At the very first moment thinking about necessities, secondly what is the expectation then thinking about the cost is a concern of the product and finally, what is the experience of a welder depends on the what type of welding work they have to do. After figure-out all the aspects, then a buyer demand for a welder. Every welder finds a welder, which is capable to weld any metal.Yes, this Lincoln EasyMIG 180 welder is the best for you.

In this reviews, we prove that this the best welder ever you want. For the challenge, let’s start a discussion about some of the features of this dynamic welder machine.

Lincoln EasyMIG 180
Lincoln EasyMIG 180 features for better welder tool searching:
Series of Power MIG 180 C:

Lincoln power MIG 180 manufacturer name is Lincoln Electronics. This company produces many power MIG with the use of patented technology which ensures the diamond core feature of dynamic welder they have made. This Lincoln EasyMIG 180 is one of them they produce to serve welder better-performing machine to fulfill their extreme demand.

Massive dutiful wire drive system:

The wire drive system is fully adjustable with your great welder, which actually reduces the crashing of wire and at the same time reducing the possibility of wire tangling.

The unique GUN connection of Lincoln welders:

For the welding beginner, this is the feature which is completely suitable for them. Because when want to know; how you will increase your wire conductivity with drive, very first moment it will difficult to understand for a beginner. But this feature of the product helps increase the conductivity of gun connection to do the best arc performance for welding any metal. Which also called Brass to the Brass gun connection system.

Lincoln 180 hd is constructed with a solid technology:

All experts welder says that this welder is built by the company to do heavy duty concerning the matter. So, there is doubtable question arise about the construction materials that use made this unique welder. The motor system is also stronger, which is perfect for the heavy duty industrial welding work.

Numeric built-in drive:

A numeric drive is one of the important factors for any sort of welder machine. Now, you can ask the question why? Yes, because this system indicates the ranges of wire diameter. So, as a learner, this will helps MIG welder people to a perfect set of diameter for different wire setting.

The aluminum drive feature:

To do welding work with thin or thick aluminum for industrial work, this drive makes your work easier to get perfect welding performance from your Lincoln electric 180 MIG welder. This drive is actually durable industrial welding performer gearbox which reduces sound disturbance at the time of welding and at the same time it’s added drive torque.

Power distribution to run the machine with dual voltage system:

The best thing about this 180 amp MIG welder, it can run the generator but the generator must be able to generate 6900 watts. The input run power of easy MIG 180 is 208 and 230 volt. Which is raise your flexibility for power switching.

Type of the welding method:

Lincoln electric 180 MIG welder supported both MIG and Flux-core welding methods to weld almost any metal thick or thinner whatever it is.


In advantage at the very first moment, we can say that this is one of the versatile Lincoln welders which is capable to weld 24 gauge up-to 3/16 inch metal in a single attempt. This is also capable to weld ½ inch self-shielded stainless steel. At the same time, it is the perfect Lincoln welder for welding aluminum and mild steel metal for industrial heavy duty work.

Environmental safety issue: Most of the welder is making huge sound pollution during welding time, but this Lincoln power MIG 180c aluminum gearbox drive helps to reduce sound pollution environmental safety issue as a concern. Basically, aluminum durable industrial gearbox reduces the sound during welding time. 

Easy to install & use: Every unit of Lincoln easy MIG 180 comes with details setup manual with the graphical presentation, which helps to set your Lincoln MIG welder 100 percent perfect way. It is an all set welder to weld almost any metal easily and perfect way without any kind of hassle facing up a welder, whatever he or she is an expert or beginner welder.


Portability and flexibility are the little bit problematic because the welder weight is a bit higher than other similar categories. But if want to transform the MIG you need a cart to transfer your welder anywhere you want.

Need an extra Spool Gun 100 to weld thicker aluminum, which may me rise the welding cost.

Frequently Ask Questions (Q&A)

Q: Is this Lincoln power MIG180 support gas or without gas both the power input system?
Answer: yes buddy, this is the welder has the capability to run with Argon gas cylinder and also it is run by the electricity as it known as Lincoln electric 180 MIG welder.

Q: Does this Lincoln power MIG 180 comes with a warranty?Answer: yes, the manufacturer gives 3-year industrial warranty for the full unit.

Q: What is the duty cycle of the 180 amp MIG welder?
Answer: the maximum capacity of the duty cycle is 30 percent with maximum power use.


At the end of the review, we can say that this Lincoln EasyMIG 180 is versatile and at the same powerful MIG and able weld flux-core welder to do heavy duty industrial welding work. it is a transferable handheld welder, so you are allowed use this dynamic MIG welder on you filed projects. As it is a versatile welder which has the capacity to weld metal like aluminum, stainless steel up to 3/16 inch.

On the other hand wire, feed changeover control makes use this Lincoln MIG welder easier and flexibility to run and weld better welding performance. So, we recommended Lincoln EasyMIG 180 for you to build your best welding career.

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