Hobart 500536 Ironman 230 250 Amp MIG Welder With Wheel Kit & Cylinder Rack Review

Do you look for a heavy duty capable MIG welding machine? In this regards Hobart 500536 Ironman 230 250 Amp MIG Welder With Wheel Kit & Cylinder Rack does not escape your experienced eyes. Yes, dear, it is the best welder you can buy to fulfill your massive welding demand. It is basically created with impressive versatility both MIG welding and flux-cored technology, which offer to weld aluminum and stainless still for lightweight industrial work. This machine also has the capacity to weld 24 gauge mild steel with the thickness up-to ½ inch.

Hobart Ironman 230 beaten so many types of a category in the competition with other brands. The competition might be including money saving, voltage control system, duty cycle and also with the quality of arc welding. Hobart Ironman 230 MIG welder also known as the flawless welding capable machine has the capability to making spatter and without making welding dust. It is also user-friendly to all condition.

Now, let’s have look at some special feature of this welder:

Hobart 500536 has some unique feature which shows the proof that this is the best Hobart welder ironman 230 machines to use for all category of people, whether he or she is a beginner or experienced one:

Hobart 500536 Ironman 230 250 Amp MIG Welders with Wheel Kit & Cylinder Rack

Ability to deliver 30-250 amps power:

This feature makes this welding machine to powerful weld on heavy-duty cabinet industrial lightweight work. This is also the highest power range capable of MIG welding world.

Twelve-tap voltage control:

This is one of the most special features of this dynamic ironman 230 MIG welder. Because this feature increases the capability of smooth control of arc welding performance.

Hobart DP-3545-20 spool gun built-in with one unit:

This is the feature that differs this Hobart ironman from the other category of welding machine. This built-in Hobart DP-3545-20 spool gun ensures the quality welding on aluminum with the thickness of 18 gauge to ½ inch.

The versatility of Hobart ironman 230 MIG welder:

Hobart welder ironman 230 is truly versatile MIG welder with Wheel Kit & Cylinder Rack allows you to work in your household welding work like garden materials repairing, farm tools repairing and other welding demand you need to fulfill. It is also suitable for industrial long-term repairing welding work and so on.

Infinite wire feed control:

This feature gives you the authority access to precise adjustment of penetration and weld the bed shape.

Unique spool hub:

This unique spool hub makes the wire changing system much easier. You can change wire from 2, 10, 33 and 45 lb. it also snaps with a tool-less break tension knob and automatic wire alignment. Which increases the reliability of hassle-free wire changing for timeless work.

Two grooves for two wire sizes on one drive called: Reversible drive rolls:

It reduces the overall cost by 50 percent lees stroking of drive rolls. Basically, in a standard measurement of other machine drive rolls one piece drive rolls decrease the spare parts capacity and increase the changeover time. So, by this Hobart 500536 built-in reversible drive rolls ensure to reduce your extra cost.

Fan-on demand:

Automatic power controlled fan start when cooling is needed. It leads to reduce the consumption of electricity and drawn of machine contaminates.

Comes with the full set-up:

This is the features that also reduce your cost. Because this Hobart 230 MIG welder comes with factory installed feature. That means wire feeder and regulator/ flow gauge and other tools are set-ups by the manufacturer. You just need to plug and play to start your welding work.

Hobart 5/3/1 method industrial warranty:

Hobart MIG welder 230 included 5 years warranty on transformer, stabilizer, and generator. Three-year warranty on all electronics and one year warranty on MIG and plasma torches.

Built-in Hinged door:

This feature of Hobart Ironman gives you easy access to drive roll changing anytime it's required and also gives them access to wire drive system for a spool.


Rugged design especially for industrial welding performance: ironman 230 welders has the capacity to deliver 30 to 250 amps original power on heavy duty cabinet. It also ensures the flawless welding on almost any metal you wanted to weld.

Easy set-up and use: most of the Hobart MIG welder are easy to set and user-friendly. Hobart 500536 Ironman 230 250 Amp MIG Welder With Wheel Kit & Cylinder Rack also remaining the same. Every unit comes with owner manual details and parameter chart label to assist a user to set-up full unit. It is also user-friendly for beginners.

Working capacity on fabrication and repair projects: Hobart Ironman is a versatile working giant. You can use this dynamic Hobart 230 ironman welder for fabrication of aluminum and construction, auto repairing, household welding work and so on.

Units and parts availability on the market: you can see on the market there are lots of marketers adds shown like Hobart ironman 230 for sale. So it is easier to get your welder and easily you can buy your welder parts in need.


High power issue: this Hobart ironman use 230 voltage to run. So it’s not possible to use on a household regular power system. To use on household you need reset-up your household power system. It basically suitable for industrial lightweight welding work.​​​​

Little bit tension about portability: Hobart ironman 230 MIG welder weight is around 270 pounds, so you are not able to transfer workplace to workplace easily.

Shortage of cable: some users complain that this specific item power cable is a little bit shorter than other. So, to run this Hobart ironman 230 MIG welder you need a plug on long cable multi to run your machine.

Frequently Ask Questions (Q&A)

Q: What hertz this machine use; 50 or 60 HZ?
Answer:That’s very good question buddy, interestingly this machine uses 60 HZ as always.

Q: Can it weld flux-cored?
Answer: Yes, this Hobart ironman 230 is capable enough to weld flux –cored.

Q: Is this machine support 0.45inc wire?
Answer: Yes, just you need to swap the drive roll, the miller-matic parts system are capable to take 0.45 wire to install.


Hobart 500536 Ironman 230 250 Amp MIG Welder With Wheel Kit & Cylinder Rack is the greatest welding machine to do work with light industrial work. it versatility ensures you to weld almost any metal welding work. Hobart 500536 ironman 230 gives you the highest duty cycle in a similar category of the welder. Its spool runner and twelve top voltage system allows you smoothly weld on thin metal and increase the arc performance for a long time. Finally, on the basis of MIG welder reviews, we can say that this is the ever best Hobart ironman 230 welders to fulfill your light industrial welding demand.

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