Lincoln PowerMIG 216

Lincoln PowerMIG 216

Do you want a multi-process capable power MIG for your light-weight and little bit heavy duty industrial welding work to fulfill your metallic welding demand Lincoln PowerMIG 216 is the best choice ever for welding works? In the power MIG market Lincoln electric company has made this for you to weld almost any metal which is thin or thicker than or up to 24 gauge to 3/16 inch with the greatest duty cycle of 40 percent by using power 100A. It is basically a multi-process welding machine, which makes this machine as superpower welder. As a comparison of welding work performance, it is maybe the best for experts or beginner.

Some special feature of Lincoln electric welders:

Utmost efficiency and better welding output:

The manufacturer made this welder to confirm the arc performance output at the level of best as compared to similar class. It an upgraded tech machine, in which able to give the better output for your welding demand. If you ask a question about the how much efficiency does this machine carry, we can say that undoubtedly this Lincoln welding machine is the most efficient MIG machine carry the most power to give you best performance during welding time.

Spool gun changeover factor:

As we know that, this is a multi-process unit of welding machine world. When you want to do welding work on aluminum you have to change the sated spool gun to external magnum spool gun 100. Do not worry, just remove the standard sated spool gum and plug the magnum spool gun 100 and start your welding work with thin aluminum. As simple as that.

Industrial wire drive system:

Lincoln electric MIG welder has built dual wire drive system, which raises the capacity of welding machine for both MIG and flux welding changeover anytime as welder demand. At the same time, it has also a built-in wire speed control system make sure the better arc performance of any metal fabrication. On the other hand, brass to brass connectivity system allows a welder to make connections easily and in an effective manner. Finally, Lincoln Electronics made this Lincoln 216 with the capability of 100 percent wire split system with the best guideline. 

Lincoln PowerMIG 216 made with Diamond core technology:

This is the best tech ever to use on Power MIG welder for extraordinary output positioning of arc performance action. Which is actually for its diamond core technology. For this technology of Lincoln MIG welder allows the highest performance for stainless steel and also aluminum.

Value added feature:

This is basically added extra value to this electric MIG Lincoln welder. These features are: coil claw means it has a cable management system which helps to organize your workstation. on other hands, there is a top mounted conventional gun tray. Which helps to protect the gun added system. 

The advantage of Lincoln PowerMIG 216:

Lincoln power MIG has a multi-process capability, which gives the ability to weld almost any metal you want to weld. For that this welder support both types of welding method MIG and Flux cored. 

Versatility of Lincoln PowerMIG 216

Lincoln electric MIG welder is known for its versatility. Because this mega dynamic welder increases your capacity for welding work by weld almost any metal like stainless steel, Mild steel, aluminum. That’s all the expert welder called Lincoln power welder is an All-in-on MIG Ready Welder for Most Welding Jobs. 

Power switching flexibility:

Maybe a question in your mind how this welder gives you the power switching flexibility? If you look at the feature of the product you can see that this power MIG support three input voltage 220, 230, 208, which approves that what input voltage you need for specific metal you can change the input as your welding need. 


It’s a wheel mounted power welder, so you can able transfer easily to your desire welding workplace. 

Working capacity: 

Lincoln welding machine is basically made for industrial long duty lightweight welding work. This is best power welder for maintenance and industrial repairing work, any metal fabrication, farm, and auto body welding work. Resulting you can see that, this welder working capacity is higher than other similar categories.

The disadvantage of Lincoln welding machine:

Its little high weighted power welder to transfer anywhere as you want to, but for its little higher weight is not gives you the freedom of transformation. But to solve this issue manufacturer set mountain wheel to make transfer easier for this dynamic power welding machine.

Lincoln MIG is a little easier welding machine to use than Lincoln 225 welder & Lincoln power MIG 256. But the arc performance is most of the time little lower than the similar category of the welder.

In case of TIG and Tick methods of welding, this Lincoln electric MIG welder is the powerful welder to take the better result from it. But still, it can weld at moderate level welding performance.

Lincoln PowerMIG 216 is a little bit expensive as compared to other welders in class.


Is Lincoln offer any type of circuit board warranty?

No dear, Lincoln does not offer any type of circuit board warranty. They give three years of warranty on the whole unit. 

How much thick metal this welder can weld?

Ohh, yes this Lincoln 216 is capable to weld ½ inch thick metal for many reasons.


When have done a research on Lincoln power MIG welder, we always saw that this category of a welder is little expensive than other categories of a welder. But for their capability, portability and efficiency recover your expense by performing as better as your desired demand. Lincoln PowerMIG 216 is completely made with diamond core technology, which makes sure your performance credibility whatsoever you want. On the other hand, Lincoln electric MIG welder 216 has maximum ability to weld almost any metal thin or thicker. That’s why all expert welder called it All-in-on MIG Ready Welder for Most Welding Jobs machine. So, by analyzing all the features of this dynamic welder machine may be the best welder machine for you to buy to make sure your better welding work was done.

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