Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Handy MIG Welder

Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Handy MIG Welder

Sometimes many people search for a welder, which leads to affordability with high-quality performance machine. For those people, this  Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Handy MIG Welder is the best option for them. This model of Lincoln handy MIG welder output power range is from 35 A to 88A with 20 duty cycle and the power user of 70amps with the cold contactor. It also very user-friendly for those who are thinking to start a new welder carrier, that means it is very useful for a learner and also for the beginner. The greatest thing of the best Lincoln electric handy MIG welder is that; which able to weld mild steel from 24gauge to 1/8 inch. It is the most portable MIG handy welder on the market because of its lower weight (49pounds) as compared with other MIG welders. So, that is proved that this specific model is the best model for those people who wanted to buy a lower price dynamic welder must with a quality welding capacity.

Let’s have look on the unique feature of this Lincoln electric handy MIG welder:

Output power issue:

This Lincoln welding machine run by low power volt. Which is only 115v with 20 amp power. So you can use your home power to start your welder. 

Welding capacity:  

This is the best MIG handy welder to weld light welding work and has the capability to weld 24gauge to 1/8 inch mild steel. That’s why it suitable for amateur welder.  The main reasons of that, this dynamic welder is able to help those people who wanted to fulfill home repairing welding need and at the same time for those people who wanted to do welding work for his or her hobby project by himself. Cause this Lincolnmig welder is able to weld thin mild steel and it also helps you to weld thicker aluminum anytime you want to weld.

Flexible Wire feed control:

This is the unique feature of this Lincoln wire feed welder. To prove this statement the information and tutorial show that this handy MIG Lincoln allow you to continues changing of wire feed with good control. No worry impose on mind about the wrong adjustment of the wire feed. For that reason, it gives you the benefits of 3 to 4 times speedy welding from other handy welders.

Prevention of overheating by cold contactor:

Welding power force is always responsible for overheating this sort of a Powerful electric machine. This feature of this dynamic Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Handy MIG Welder keeps you electric wire to cold until you pull the trigger for welding of any metal. This feature also helps you to power switching with safety is a concern. Resulting it helps to reduce overheating shutoff your machine. 

Easy to install and run:

To run this Lincoln electric handy MIG, you don’t need to an expert installer to hire. Almost all set by the company experts. You need to assemble much lower tools to complete the setup. When you get your welder you will find a user manual onto your product box. Just follow the easy instructions and assemble your handy Lincoln welder for plug and play. 

Warranty issue:

The company offers you one year warranty on parts and labor and 90days on cable and gun.

Capacity weld both MIG & flux cored:

This is an awesome feature of Compact and Portable MIG Welder; it is able to weld both types of MIG & flux cored welding works. Reasons how? We answer confidently because this welder has the self-shield spool to raise your capacity to weld both methods of welding.


Availability of  this Best 110V MIG Welders: 

This most important is that this is the best 110V MIG Welders is available adds about to Lincoln welders for sale & buy on the market. This is the best low price MIG welder you can buy from welding market. 

Portability  of Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Handy MIG Welder:

It is a very lightweight Compact, and Portable MIG Welder you can able to transfer anywhere easily. In sum, this Lincoln welder is around 49 pounds. For that, it is easily fit with lower range lorry vehicles and allows you to transfer easily workplace to workplace.

Low maintenance cost:

For some better feature support and flexibility, it is the more safest handy MIG welder machine. Resulting in the reduction of damage. At the same calculation, every unit uses lower cost and little maintenance tools. So, overall maintenance cost reduces at the time of summation. Ultimately, it requires lower maintenance cost than similar category.


Unable to work on industrial work:

This is a complete lightweight welder machine made for household and simple DIY project work. This is not the perfect handy MIG Lincoln welder to do heavy duty industrial work. but still you can do some industrial repairing work with mild steel welding but need some extra tools to do this.

Power dependence:

Lincoln welders are not usable for the remote project where power setting electricity is unavailable. To solve this issue you have to manage direct 115 voltage electric power supply to run this machine.


Can I able to one weld aluminum with this Lincoln electric handy MIG welding machine?

Off course, this machine is able to weld one welding aluminum. For smooth welding, you need to buy alloy wire to get best welding output. 

Is this welder built-up with DC Output?

Yes, this is built-up by the DC Output. And the voltage range is all about 115 volt. Which leads to welding work on home,


Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Handy MIG Welder is the best welder for those people who want an easily usable lightweight MIG welder for a small amount of household welding work or for his or her personal DIY projects even for the small amount of industrial repairing work like body shaping and so on. It is basically easy to install and output power setting allows to run the welder in regular electricity switch settings. So, it really the best 110V MIG Welders for beginner to start welding. Get hurry and buy a Lincoln welding machine can solve your household thin and thicker metal repairing.

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